Slot Machine Secret Tips You Never Knew

Slot machines are an all-time favorite among beginners and casual gamblers and a staple attraction at the casinos.
All you need is to insert some coins, press the button and wait until the symbols settle in place! [A single spin could change your life.]
Aside from ease of play, another appealing feature of the slots versus poker or blackjack is that you don’t need to master complicated strategies but attract luck to your side. But just because slots are luck-based, it doesn’t mean you cannot improve your odds. Check out the following for secret tips you might never knew.

Tilting the Slot Odds to Your Advantage

1. Keep an eye on progressive jackpot machines
Insofar one of the most important slot gambling tips to remember is to look for progressive jackpot machines in which jackpot changes rapidly on any given day.
However, you should play the max coin number on such machines to get the chance at the big money in most cases, although there are machines giving an equal opportunity at life-changing amounts with a single coin.

The basic rule of thumb, therefore, is to read the rules before investing your dollars.

But if you’ve just started with a limited bankroll, on the other hand, you may want to skip the progressives because they pay out very rarely due to the large jackpot at stake.
Bottom line, stick with the progressives if you have a large bankroll and you’re determined to win a big sum of money, but skip it if you have a small bankroll and you’re a casual gambler looking for more opportunities to win.

2. Check the paytables
Whether playing offline or online slots, check the paytable for important rules to remember and follow because the payout vary significantly although the machines look identical.

3. Play for at most two hours
Length of time and bankroll are correlated. A gambling session must not be longer than two hours.
You should take a break, meaning be away from the floor. Go to the restaurant or just t anywhere far from the casino premises.
Follow this tip if you want to get a pleasurable slot machines experience. Otherwise, your body and mind will start feeling tired to make sound decisions. And if you no longer can think rationally and your emotions take over, you are more likely than not lose more money in the end (e.g. getting angrier as you’re playing and losing more that might be enough to blow your entire month’s bankroll).

If you find yourself agitated even within an hour, get up and leave.

4. Max bet or not
Most machine pay out better if you win when you bet with the maximum number of coins required. So if you hit top paying symbols on a line on a 3-reel slot game, you might win 1,000 credits with only one credit played per payline, but up to 10,000 credits with three max credits per line. Bottom line, you can win more than you would by betting max in every payline.
But again, the tip does not apply for everyone. You might as well stick with lower denomination slot machines without progressives if you don’t have a huge bankroll to bet with maximum coins in each spin.

5. Know your odds

What are your winning chances?

Before playing, know your probability of winning. So if you’re playing on a 3-reel slot with a jackpot symbol on each of them but have 10 stops, you can only win once after 10310310 pulls (1000 spins). Consider your winning chances of winning before betting to have more control over your session.

Summing Up
Set a time limit, play with max bet, look for progressives, know your odds and check the paytables- these are practically what you need for better chances of winning at slot machines. But then again, these tips aren’t set in stone and they do not fit all situations. Thus, you don’t max bet and play progressives if you have a relatively small bankroll – as simple as that. Without even saying, mindfully play, know the rules and leave the premises, win or lose, when you’ve reached your win/loss limit.